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3 Ways to Train with Me…Starts September 30th!

Discover how you can get more benefits out of walking! Training starts September 30th, and here are 3 ways to participate:

Power Walking in Atlanta in 2014!
Power Walking in Atlanta in 2014!

1) The comprehensive plan includes in-person group training walks along with an 8-week 5K training plan and lots of support.
2) The basic plan provides an 8-week 5K training plan and lots of support for those who can’t make or don’t want to do group training walks.
3) The group training classes are for those who simply want to get more out of their walks whether or not they are doing a 5K.


Sharon scheirer

Hi michele! How much, what time? Where?

Michele Stanten

Hey Sharon! I apologize for not replying sooner! I just got the notification if your question this AM. I assume that you are asking about the classes. They are on Saturdays at 8:30am in downtown Bethlehem. Dates are 10/7, 10/21, 11/4 & 11/11. The first one was this weekend. If you click on each of the 3 options you get all of the details and be able to register. Email me if you have any questions since I need to fix the notification system on here. Hope you can join us!

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