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Double-Duty Walk

Usually I walk to stay fit, but today I walked for transportation—to get from point A (my daughter’s school) to point B (the store).

I’m all for making a walk do double duty–a good workout and a way to get an errand done. Just about everyone can walk a mile, and according to the the League of American Bicyclists, about 30% of all trips we make are one mile or less. Unfortunately, most of those trips are made by car–and I’m just as guilty as most. Read more

Spring Walking Challenge

Start the season off on the right foot by taking a walk today! Then commit to walking everyday until summer!

It’s a great way to wake up hibernating muscles and get them in shape for fun, warm weather activities like gardening, swimming, badminton, stand up paddle boarding (yes, you could do that–and it’s a blast!). If you live in a four-season area, you know that spring is the season of the most changes. A daily walk allows you to experience all of them! And that’s just the beginning. Read more

Walking Wednesdays!

Step away from the computer, hop off the couch, get out of your car—and start walking for a hump day boost!

It’s easy! You don’t have to change your clothes (shoes maybe). You can do it anywhere—around the block, in a park, throughout your neighborhood, around a parking lot, through a mall, from floor to floor in your office building, up and down the aisles of your grocery store, or even walking in place. Just get moving for at least 10 minutes today—and discover how good you’ll feel! Read more

Real Simple Magazine Promotes Walking

“Yes, Walking Works!” That’s what the cover of the February issue of Real Simple touts.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to getting fit fast with advice from yours truly. I hope you’ll check it out on newsstands and get inspired to walk more.

You’ll discover the walking advantage, learn important dos and don’ts, perfect your technique, and get the scoop on the  10,000 step guideline. There are also three different walking workout to try.

And on their website, you’ll find favorite walking routes in some of the country’s most walkable cities. Enjoy!

Walk a 5K with me!

Signing up and training for events like a 5K (3.1 miles) can give your walks a boost and help to keep you motivated.

Even if you’re just getting started with a walking program, completing a 5K is doable for just about anyone. The key is to walk regularly, about five days a week, and to gradually progress your time (1 hour at least) or distance (3 miles at least).

If you’d like to give it a try, join me on Saturday, June 22 in Bethlehem, PA, for a walker-friendly 5K to raise money for muscular dystrophy research.

Email me if you sign up so we can all meet and start together. I’m also happy to provide training advice. Here’s how to register.