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It’s not too late to walk the D&L Half

Training plans for procrastinators

I know you meant to start training earlier this summer. I’ve been there myself more times than I’d like to admit. But that’s no reason to miss out on all of the fun the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon has to offer on November 5, 2017!

It’s not too late to start training for one of the most walker-friendly half marathons in the country! You’ll have up to 4.5 hours to complete the 13.1 mile course (that’s a 20-minute mile pace). And there will be pace groups and awards for walkers–just like they have for runners! Start training now and join the fun!

Here’s a training plan for first-timers or repeat half marathoners who are already a regular walkers. Training starts September 3rd.

If you’ve recently done a half or 10K and want to cross the finish line faster, here’s a speed training plan for you. Training starts September 3rd.

To register for the D&L Half Marathon, click here.

If you would like additional support or personal coaching to prepare for this or other events, please contact me.

Happy walking!



Joanne Grunau

Michelle, I received the book and the mp3 stuff, but what I would really love is an app on my phone that would have a “coaching session” that would overlay my own music, or a podcast, or something. I want to listen to my own stuff, but need the motivation of a “coach” pushing me on speed, distance, etc. Does that make sense? Do you have any thoughts?

Michele Stanten

Hi Joanne, Thank you so much for buying my book. I know exactly what you are looking for unfortunately I have not yet come across an app that does that. All of the ones that I’ve seen like Aaptiv use their own playlists and don’t have walking specific coaching. I would love to create one, unfortunately it’s too pricey for me to develop it on my own. If you ever find one, please let me know so I can share it with others.
Happy Walking!

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