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Not too late to train for D&L half marathon on Nov 3rd!

The Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon is one of the MOST walker-friendly events in the country.

For five years now, they have been encouraging and welcoming walkers–of all levels–to race along with runners to experience the thrill of crossing the finish line of a half marathon!

The D&L Half has a 4.5 hour time limit (that’s a 20-minute mile pace), and there will be pace groups for walkers. Whether you’re simply looking to finish in the allotted time or hoping to set a PR, our enthusiastic pacers will help you stay on track. The fastest walkers overall and in each age group will also receive awards.

Interested but haven’t started training? Here’s the 2019 D&L_9wks training plan for those who already walk regularly. If you can walk for an hour, this plan is for you. Training starts September 1st.

And if you’re looking for a speedy finish here’s the 2019 D&L speed plan_9wk training plan to help you pick up the pace. Training starts September 1st.

And register for the half marathon using the coupon code “walkingcoach” to get $5 off!

Happy walking!

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