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Power Walk Bethlehem’s 5K Turkey Trot

With a little bit of technique and some practice, you can shave minutes off of your time! Don’t care about your time? There are lots of other reasons to pick up the pace!

You’ll become fitter so hoofing it up stairs will feel easier. You’ll have more energy to get everything you need to do done. You can cut your workouts shorter and still see results. You’ll tone up more than just your legs. You’ll enjoy more health benefits like lower blood pressure and cholesterol. And, you’ll burn more calories.

Training starts September 30th, and here are 3 ways to participate:
1) The comprehensive plan includes in-person group training walks along with a training plan and lots of support.
2) The basic plan provides a training plan and lots of support for those who can’t make or don’t want to do group training walks.
3) The group training classes are for those who simply want to get more out of their walks whether or not they are doing a 5K.

Walking has transformed lives by helping people to become more confident, manage chronic conditions, overcome grief, improve health markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol, make new friends, and feel happier and less stressed. Join me this fall and see where walking can take you!

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