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About Michele

Michele Stanten, a walking coach and ACE-certified fitness instructor, has been motivating people to be more active for over 20 years.

Michele and her walking team at the 2012 Atlantic City Half Marathon
Michele and her walking team at the 2012 Atlantic City Half Marathon

Michele launched to help people lead healthier, happier lives. She believes that walking can be the first step (pun intended) to making exercise a habit, which can have positive effects on all areas of your life. Michele also wants to dispel beliefs that walking is only for the very unfit or very overweight. Walking can be a vigorous–yet joint-friendly–workout. She’s on a mission to show the world the many different ways to walk and the powerful benefits it can have.

As the former Fitness Director of Prevention magazine, Michele created a marathon walking program and coached thousands of readers to walk full and half marathons across the country. She has also created training programs for leading brands and organizations, including Avon and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Michele has walked many distance events including a 3-day 60-mile walk, full marathon, and many half marathons, and she now works with events to make them walker-friendly.

Michele is the author of Firm Up in 3 Weeks and Walk Off Weight, and she is co-author of the book Walk Your Butt Off! She has produced and appeared in more than a dozen exercise DVDs and created numerous audio workouts.

Michele is on the Board of Directors for ACE. She is also part of the Every Body Walks Collaborative, which includes organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, the American College of Sports Medicine, and America Walks. Its mission is to get more Americans walking and to improve walking conditions throughout the country. The Collaborative’s work also supports the U.S. Surgeon General’s proposed Call to Action on walking that’s expected to be released this summer.

Michele has presented on walking at the ACE Symposium and ACSM Health & Fitness Summit. She has written for a variety of publications, including Prevention, Self, More, and Shape magazines. Her numerous media appearances include The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Biggest Loser, CNN, USA Today, and NPR.