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Discover New Walking Paths

The more walking routes you have the more likely you’ll be to walk!

What comes to mind when you think of taking a walk? Probably strolling around your neighborhood or development. Or maybe walking in a nearby park or on a local trail. While those are great options, the more locations that you can associate walking with the more steps you’re likely to take. Think about the places you go on a regular basis.

Work. Your kid’s school. The grocery store. Fields where your kids play sports. Places where your kids take art, dance, or music lessons. The nail salon. The homes of good friends or family members. The next time you’re at one of your regular spots scout out walking options. See if there’s a park or trail to walk on. Or simply start down the street (assuming it’s safe to walk along) and go out for 10 to 15 minutes, turn around, and walk back. Walking is simple so just do it! Don’t make it more complicated by thinking that you need the perfect location and 30 or more minutes to make it worthwhile.

Today, I was 20 minutes early to pick up my daughter at school. So I did a quick loop on the walking path nearby.

It was quite windy, making an already cold 29 degrees feel like 19! Brrr! Thankfully, I had a hat and neck wrap with me. (Always a good idea to keep walking gear in your car so you can take advantage of any walking opportunity that presents itself.)

Beautiful, sunny day, but windy and cold.
Beautiful, sunny day, but windy and cold.

Despite the chilly temps, parts of the path were quite muddy

Not mud…
Not mud…

and then farther along it was snow-covered with reminders of others who had crossed this path in the last few days.

Nor snow…would stop me!
Nor snow…would stop me!

It wasn’t a long walk, nor was it perfect, but it energized me for the next part of my day–taking my daughter to swim lessons, cooking dinner, then shuttling my son back and forth to baseball practice!

Happy Walking!


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