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Train for a Half Marathon!

Yes, you can walk a half marathon!

Get ready for the Nov 6th Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon–one of the MOST walker-friendly events in the country! (Or any other half marathon that you’d like to do.) For seven years now, the D&L Half has been encouraging and welcoming walkers–of all levels–to race along with runners and experience the thrill of crossing the finish line of a half marathon!

The D&L Half has a 4.5 hour time limit (that’s a 20-minute mile pace), and there will be pace groups for walkers. Whether you’re simply looking to finish in the allotted time or hoping to set a PR, our enthusiastic pacers will help you stay on track. The fastest walkers overall and in each age group will also receive awards.

Here are several training plans for different levels so everyone can join the fun!

Beginner half marathon training (starts July 3rd): this 18-week beginner plan starts with just 10-minute walks a day to make a half marathon possible for everyone–even if you’re just starting to exercise.

14-week half marathon training (starts July 31st): this plan is for you if you’re already active and can comfortably walk for 45 minutes or longer.

Late start 8-week half marathon training (starts September 11th): this plan is for anyone who’s put off their training and is already active and can comfortably walk for an hour or longer.

NEW PLAN! Late, late start 6-week training plan (starts September 25th): been meaning to start training, but keep getting sidetracked? There’s still time to train as long as you’re already a regular walking and fit enough to walk for at least an hour at a time.



Thank you for sharing these! I have been using the 15 week schedule to train for a half here in my state that is also on November 7th!

Michele Stanten

Great to hear! Will this be your first half marathon? Love to hear how your training and event go! Happy walking! Michele

Robyn Endress

Michele, I’m interested in learning more. Out of town on the third, but would love to train for the D&L half marathon.

You old sugar smart buddy

Michele Stanten

Hi Robyn!
Great to hear from you! Email me or contact me though my website and I’m happy to answer any questions. Love to have you join us for the D&L!

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