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Race Day Rules of the Road

Whether this is your first race (it doesn’t matter what the distance is) or you’re an experienced walker with several medals under your belt, here’s some advice to make your experience even more amazing.

• Don’t line up too close to the starting line. Walkers should be at the back of the pack. Some races have corrals based on your estimated finish time—don’t overestimate when deciding what corral to be in. Beside, the closer to the front you are, the more people there are who will pass you and that can feel discouraging.
• Hold back at the beginning. You’ll feel better if you start out slow.
• Don’t walk more than two abreast.
• Say hi and cheer runners and other walkers on as you see them.
• Thank the volunteers for helping and the spectators for cheering.
• Don’t stop in the middle of the road. If you need to stretch or tie your shoe, move to the side or off the road to avoid a collision with other walkers and runners.
• Alert others by saying something like “On your left” when wanting to pass.
• Look before you throw your cup, wrappers, spit.
• Pinch your cup for easier drinking while walking.
• Don’t worry about being passed. Just focus on you! And don’t be surprised if you pass some slower runners or walk/runners, especially toward the end of the race. It’s OK to gloat to yourself.
• Push any negative thoughts out of your head.
• Get out of the finish area as quickly as possible so you don’t interfere with other participants coming into the area.
• Smile! Especially when you see the photographers!

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