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The Power of Walking!

Reminders on why and how exercise really is the best medicine

I’ve been researching and writing about walking for 20+ years and coaching walkers for 10+, but when I opened one of my news feeds this morning and saw the following headlines, it reignited my passion to walk—and I hope it motivates you, too!

Exercise has the potential to decrease toxic build-up in the brain
Being fit may slow lung function decline as we age
Regular exercise at any age might stave off Alzheimer’s

The first one in particular got me really excited even though it’s an animal study and very preliminary. Huntington’s disease and ALS are incurable brain diseases, but this study offers a sliver of hope. Based on the findings, exercise may slow, or even prevent, some of the neurodegeneration associated with these diseases and thereby may reduce the severity of them. Exercise may also help with epilepsy. And the best news: Exercise is available now with minimal to no adverse side effects.
The other two studies provide further support for how exercise helps to fight disease and keep us younger!

How’s that for a motivational push out the door to take a walk?

UPDATE: And no sooner do I post the above, and then I see this Exercise Tied to Lower Risk for 13 Types of Cancer!

Now lace up your shoes already 🙂

Happy Walking!



john mcqueen

I walk about 25,00 steps a day! Ifeel good about my self and I eat betterand walk 20 minatues a day!

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