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    D&L Half Marathon
    November 2 • Northampton, PA
    A very walker friendly event • 4.5 hour time limit For more info

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Walk a Half Marathon!

Yes, you can do it! And I have the perfect event for you!

It is the fourth year for the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage event–and this year they are welcoming walkers with open arms! I’m working with the race director to make this a top-notch walker-friendly event! I hope you’ll join me! The more walkers we can get the more likely race directors will be to make their events walker friendly. Read more

The Best Time of the Day to Walk

Spring Walking Challenge Day 6. I’m often asked when is the best time of the day to walk or work out.

There is research showing that AM exercisers are more likely to stick with an exercise program compared to people who exercise at other times of the day. Not surprising when you consider that there are fewer distractions at that time of the day to derail your best intentions. But what if you are NOT a morning person? Read more

Discover New Walking Paths

Spring Walking Challenge Day 5. The more walking routes you have the more likely you’ll walk!

What comes to mind when you think of taking a walk? Probably strolling around your neighborhood or development. Or maybe walking in a nearby park or on a local trail. While those are great options, the more locations that you can associate walking with the more steps you’re likely to take. Think about the places you go on a regular basis. Read more

Walking & Talking

Spring Walking Challenge Day 4. Invite a friend to walk with you, and you’ll be more likely to do it!

As expected, temperatures dropped to the low 40s, and it was windy, grey, and cloudy. Perfect excuses to blow off a walk. To help me stick to my commitment to walk everyday this spring, I made plans to walk with my friend Jessica. Having someone to chat with made the minutes and miles fly by and brightened up an otherwise dreary day. Read more