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The fewer processed foods you eat, the healthier and slimmer you’ll be! Now, here’s your chance to clean up your diet—and supercharge your health! Prevention magazine’s Eat Clean Stay Lean Diet will make it easy to eat in a cleaner, healthier way with a 6-week jump-start plan that can be customized to your lifestyle. You could be one of the first people try this science-backed plan—and receive expert support along the way. Read more

Yes, you CAN walk a half marathon!

This 5-star, walker-friendly half on November 1st is a perfect event for all levels of walkers!

The Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon–in its fifth year–is once again welcoming walkers with open arms! You’ll have up to 4.5 hours to complete the 13.1 mile course (which is going in the reverse direction this year to avoid head winds). And there will be pace groups and awards for walkers–just like they have for runners. I hope you’ll join me! Read more